What does Trupanion cover?

One simple plan for all new injuries and illnesses with no limits on the amount of care a pet can receive. What’s more, we can pay our portion directly to the veterinarian while pet owners are checking out. They leave paying only their share. Because best friends deserve the best.



  • Diagnostic tests

  • Medications

  • Surgeries

  • Orthotic and mobility devices

  • Supplements

  • Advanced dentistry

  • Herbal therapy

  • And so much more

Budgeting for a pet’s medical expenses can be stressful for anyone. It’s difficult to plan for a pet that’s unlucky or develops a chronic condition, and treatment costs can be unexpected and fluctuate. So Trupanion is there to help you focus on your furry family instead of finances. 



  • Exam fees 

  • Sales tax, where applicable

  • Spay or neuter 

  • Pre-existing conditions 

  • Preventive care






All dogs and cats from 
birth to 14 years of age, regardless of breed, can 
enroll for lifelong coverage.


The only company that covers 90% of all new illnesses and injuries ,including hereditary and congenital conditions** and can pay hospitals directly at checkout with no payout limits.


Coverage begins after applicable policy waiting periods: 5 days for injuries
and 30 days for illnesses.


Visit any veterinary, emergency care, or specialty hospital in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Australia including US and Canadian military installations.


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*Terms and conditions apply. Please see the policy at for complete details.

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